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Footwear Workshop Visit

Footwear Workshop Visit

As part of our January 2022 Production Tour, we paid a visit to Marche - the heartland of Italian shoemaking - and dropped into our footwear workshop.

Our Boat Shoes, Desert Boots and Mountain Boots are all made here, taking advantage of their speciality in working with suede uppers and crepe soles. 

A former supplier to Clarks in the 1980's, their quality of production and finesse at finishing has allowed us to produce a more refined version of the classic Boat Shoe and Desert Boot, as well as develop our custom Mountain Boot. 

The stitchdown, unlined make of our shoes is imbued with the intrinsically soft construction native to Italy. We couldn't be prouder of our unique footwear offering, developed by us to fit seamlessly with our wide roster of garments, from casual to formal. 

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