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High-Twist Wool Tailoring: Woven in Yorkshire

High-Twist Wool Tailoring: Woven in Yorkshire

High-Twist Wool has become the backbone of our Spring/Summer tailoring offering. Reliable and versatile, it's able to span weddings, workplaces and everywhere in between as both suits and separate trousers. 

For SS23 we've made three seasonal suits in navy, brown and charcoal, as well as matching separate trousers to be worn with our range of sports jackets.

The cloth has some lighter tones running through the weft, adding visual interest whilst still subtle and matte enough to align with our house palette. 

Woven in Yorkshire at Stanley Mills, it's a no-nonsense fabric that is textured and coarse, giving bite and depth whilst retaining an elegance that works well with our brew of soft, relaxed tailoring. The 2-ply yarn construction gives maximum breathability and crease resistance without the density of heavier options. 

Presenting a selection of photos from our most recent trip to Stanley Mills, where we discussed developments old and new.