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Restaurateurs for Anglo-Italian

Restaurateurs for Anglo-Italian

Anglo-Italian is lucky to have some of London’s best restaurateurs amongst our clients. We asked them to talk us through a favourite bottle from their cellar for a series of portraits. 


Maxime Alary - Owner, Blanchette 

 “Charles Heidsieck is one of the hidden gems of Champagne, perfectly balancing finesse and generosity and without a doubt one of the best non-vintages produced in the region. One of the smallest Grandes marques, Heidsieck was founded in 1851 by the legendary Champagne Charlie. While selling his champagnes to the royal courts of Europe and American high society, he famously invested in the underground Cathedral-like chalk cellars under Reims, dug out by the Romans two millennia ago. They are still used today to house all the Heidsieck cuvées as they age.”
 Maxime wears a single-breasted jacket in AIT-015, a blue OCBD and a brown-check cashmere tie.


Endo Kazutoshi - Head Chef, Endo at the Rotunda

 “This sake is separately prepared based on the paddy field of Yamadanishiki, cultivated in Nakatojo Okamoto village. The ID number given to the sake is the address of the rice plot prepared each year of the harvest. We enjoy comparing the taste of sake based on the ID number or the crop year; for this bottle, ID 556, the rice was grown close to the Tojo river. The sake is elegant, pure and sublime, with lingering herbaceous and citrus characteristics and an uplifting umami finish.”
Endo wears a single-breasted jacket in AIT-019, a white OCBD and a grey cashmere tie.


Harry Gibson - Co-Founder, Made Of Dough

 “I’ve selected a Rosso di Montepulciano from Cantine Dei in Tuscany. A blend of Sangiovese, Canaiolo Nero and Merlot, it’s got a lovely plush plum & blackberry nose with nice delivery, ripe tannins and decent length. Pairs beautifully with a chorizo pizza. The tannins and acidity cut through the salty, fatty chorizo, while the pizza opens up the wine, giving it more fruit and body. Absolute steal at £35 a bottle in our pizzeria.”
Harry wears a double-breasted jacket in travel flannel, an ice blue poplin spread collar shirt and a navy grenadine self-stripe tie.


François O’Neill - Owner, Maison François 

“I love the wines of Jean François Ganevat.  He’s utterly passionate about his region of eastern France, the Jura, and makes a mind-boggling array of wines, often rescuing forgotten or nearly extinct grape varieties. They are natural wines at their best, pure and expressive, organic and unsulphured, and damn hard to get your hands on! We are always running out at Maison François.” 
Francois wears a double-breasted jacket in AIT-038, a white OCBD and a grey check cashmere tie.


Vanya Pavlides - Restaurant Director, Louie

“Minuty is our house rosé. It’s fresh, balanced and easy. Reminds me of summertime, and it’s from Provence which is my region. We need a little bit of sunshine in these grey times. Time for a nice and simple rosé wine.”
 Vanya wears a single-breasted jacket in navy house wool, a blue multi cable stripe spread collar shirt and a grey cashmere tie.

Juan Santa CruzCasa Cruz, Isabelle, Natalie

 “I have gone for a classic. Chateau Talbot 2005. While Bordeaux wines are not currently in vogue they have always stood the test of time. Hailing from Saint Julien, Chateau Talbot is on the more elegant and feminine side compared to its Bordeaux counterparts. It is a balanced wine this 2005 vintage is just starting to come into its optimum drinking window and I suspect it will continue to give you pleasure for many years to come."
 Juan wears a single-breasted jacket in AIT-076, a white OCBD and a grey cashmere tie.