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Anglo-Italian Bespoke - Opening October 2021

Anglo-Italian Bespoke - Opening October 2021

We regard ourselves as flag bearers for a way of dressing, sitting within a lineage of incredible stores that have individually interpreted this conservative style of dress in order to produce garments made with integrity and purpose.

Our look has always sought a balance between the softness of Italian tailoring and the sobriety of the English palette, produced without gimmick or fustiness.

I am extremely pleased to announce that we have begun taking and completing orders for Anglo-Italian Bespoke - cut and sewn by hand in London - which we regard as the ultimate demonstration of our design influence and mission statement. 

The jacket I conceived four years ago is among the softest tailoring available, with low drape, broad shoulder and low button position, its round shapes offset by straight lapels and darts. This house style is available fully bespoke by appointment only, and will form the bedrock of our new location in Marylebone, opening October 2021. 

We are immensely proud to give another home to the brew of tailoring we believe in, striving to join the lexicon of the bespoke houses of yesteryear that have shaped our product and ethos while supporting a way of dressing to which we owe so much.

It's Anglo-Italian as you know it, but made here, in London. 


- Jake Grantham